Cycling is an amazing sport. It doesn’t matter how old or fit you are, you can to get into the sport. With the bike taking most of the weight the sport it is very low impact – so if you feel you are overweight or you are having problems with your joints through other sports that you have done, you should still be able to ride a bike. There is also the great social element of the sport where unlike most sports, you should be able to talk while you are riding along, taking in the beautiful countryside.

The team at Bryan Steel Cycling have developed a series of packages to help you start cycling and help you achieve your cycling goals and fall in love with the sport.


If you are new to the sport or a novice cyclist this FREE package offers a basic 6-week training plan, with tips & advice to get you started on your cycling journery.


If you would like to take your cycling to the next level for the small monthly fee of £6.00 per month
(Only £1.50 a week! Not even 1/2 the price of coffee from your favourite coffee shop),
join our social group of like minded people with a progressive 10-week training plan incorporating many of the methods Bryan has used successfully with many cyclists which will ready you for a longer, more challenging sportive (if you wish). The training incorporates sessions on the road, with optional weekly online sessions via Zwift (note, separate membership and equipment needed), plus monthly group rides and much, much more.


Be the best you can be and see how far you can take your cycling performance with one to one coaching with Bryan, specific race training and support or be part of a Grand Fondo team with our Partners at Sportive Breaks which is focused on top events across Europe and the qualifying rounds of the UCI Gran Fondo Championships with a goal of qualifying and then racing in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, representing your country in your respective age group.

I didn’t set out to be an Olympic medallist, who does?  Cycling started for me at the age of 14 when my dad bought me a bike and told me to get out of the car instead of just watching my brother racing. From then on, I rode a bike nearly every day with friends for fun, or as a means of transport just to get to school. It was 1984, and whilst we didn’t know it then, that moment of my dad buying me that bike put me on the pathway to win my Olympic medals.

That sixteen years from 1984, to winning my first medal in 2000 was a period of discovery. I began to understand that cycling isn’t just about going fast or competing at the highest level, but cycling is a lifestyle. I was a young person enjoying my freedom but along the way I met so many people who used cycling in so many different ways; whether it was a means of staying active, or for meeting new people and it appealed to people of all ages.

The sport has changed considerably since 2000 when I won my first Olympic medal; the success of the British Cycling team has revitalised things and there has been a massive boom in the sport. However, some things are just as they were when I was 14 – cycling is a lifestyle; whatever your size, age, fitness or how fast you would like to go, cycling provides the freedom to enjoy the fresh air under your own steam, on your own or with others. Within cycling there is something for everyone.

After my fourth Olympic games, winning my silver medal and with over 20 years of intensive training and competition, I was given the best advice I had ever had. I was advised I should take time away from the sport and when I fell back in love with it, I would be back. At the time cycling was a job and I had fallen out of love with the one thing that made me, but after a few years I was back riding my bike falling in love with the lifestyle once more.

I know I won’t be going that fast again, however I still try to ride my bike every day and my mission is to make sure that the millions of people riding a bike each year have the same opportunity of falling in love with the only sport that is for everyone.

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