The Bryan Steel Cycling Community programme is for people who have participated in either the indoor or outdoor Engage programmes and are ready to develop their cycling to the next level.

The Bryan Steel community program is for people who have gone through either the indoor and/or the outdoor Engage programmes and want to develop their cycling to the next level through a structured plan with proven knowledge and guidance. The aim of the community is to develop a group of people of all ages and levels together, so these people have a perfect network where they can also enjoy the social benefits of the sport in an exciting, safe but fun environment.
The community program brings together the social elements of the sport with people who are looking to start and develop their group riding skills and move into doing sportives. This program is designed for all ages and abilities and will help riders move from the Engage level into completing longer, and if desired faster events and through one of the Community partners you can participate in some of the bigger sportives in the UK.
With challenges, training sessions and events we are able to have a competitive element within the community whilst maintaining a focus of a fun and sociable environment.
  • A training plan which is delivered weekly to your email inbox which uses Bryan Steels 8 stage training process and develops further your pedal efficiency and cycling fitness. This plan has been built using proven plans and based on Bryan’s experience working within Team GB and other professional cycling environments
  • Training feedback via Training Peaks if you opt to join Training Peaks and download the training plan for a small additional feeAccess to virtual Streamed and Zwift sessions*(Monthly subscription to Zwift and some additional equipment may be required)
  • Monthly Social Outdoor Group Ride. Each ride is led by one of Bryan’s team, with 3 different ride options to cover all abilities and speeds. Rides located in the Midlands and have a “No-drop” rulMonthly challenges
  • Invitation to group events and technical workshops
  • Discounts from Bryan Steel Partners
  • Invitation to the Bryan Steel warm weather training camps in the spring time
  • Regular newsletter with the latest news, features, tips and adviceAccess to Bryan and his team your questions about training, nutrition and getting going with your first ride

Weekly training plan developing pedal efficiency and cycling fitness

The weekly plan is a progressive plan which follows on from the Engage 6-week plan.  The objective is to take your cycling to the next level and by the end of the 10 weeks you will be able to complete a 100 mile ride. This plan continues on developing the areas you did in the 6-week plan and starts to develop your torque and speed, and along with the community group rides, we develop your bunch riding skills.

Weekly training feedback

As you develop as a cyclist there are some finer points you need to develop. Being a good cyclist it’s not just about being strong or fast. To develop this, as a community member participating in the 10-week training plan, we have a couple of options where you can get feedback from Bryan.  You can opt to send an email to Bryan weekly detailing your efforts or for those who want great detail and feedback and analysis you can download Training Peaks and download the 10 week training plan.  This can then be linked to your chosen cycle computer (Garmin/Wahoo) and rides are uploaded automatically.   

Weekly virtual Zwift sessions

Each week join Bryan on one of his virtual Zwift training sessions.  Each session is a training session with specific objectives.  A number of these are aligned to the 10-week training plan as well. Each one of these sessions will have a grading of A to C so you will know which session will suit you best. 

A: Intensive session with Non-drop taken offIntensive intervals(3.0/4.5 W/KG)

B: Structured  session with Non-drop setting on (2.0-3.0 W/KG)

C: Social riding with Non-drop setting on (1.0/2.0 W/KG)

Monthly Group ride

Each month we have a group ride where we meet for a coffee prior to the ride.  We then head out for a ride and on our return, we can socialise after a relaxed enjoyable ride.

Every Group Ride has a option of 3 routes based on ability and structured into Gold, Silver or Bronze. Each group has a trained ride leader to ensure there will be support for riders of all levels.  All the riders leave together and after a set point the bronze leader will turn with their riders to head towards home. A little later in the ride the silver leader does the same before the gold riders heads out to complete a longer route.

During the ride there will always be a rider at the front setting the right pace, one at the back making sure we stay together and for the first part a rider floating around helping riders plus we also have an extra lead rider to ensure we are able to help riders of all levels during the ride.

We try to make sure that all groups arrive back at around the same time, so everyone is able to socialise after the ride.  This ensures everyone one has a great ride, set at their level but each rider also has the opportunity to progress to the next level and if they are feeling good or having an off day, they are able to ride in the right group for them on the day.

The most common question we get about these rides is what the average speed is.  The Ride Leader will go at the speed of the group and we have the golden rule that if the riders behind are not talking then we are going too – we will ensure the ride is for all levels and keeps to the plan of being social.

Monthly challenges

Each month the community members can take part in our monthly challenges.  These will be published in the Newsletter at the start of each month and will include such challenges as longest ride of the month, most miles ridden or most hills climbs. 

The challenges will also involve our Partners and periodically include other areas important to a cyclist such as yoga, strength and conditioning, along with weight work through the winter months to make you a better cyclist when the weather get better.  The objective of the challenges is to develop your cycling in a fun and competitive way for both male and female riders of all abilities.

Invitation to group technical workshops

As well as the Bryan Steel monthly group rides throughout the year, we have some events which our partners deliver or other events which Bryan is involved with. As a community member we are able to add them to our calendar of events program. Some of these events maybe a local club running a sportive or even bucket list events which we are able to get entries for you to ride. Also, other members maybe training for a ride and you may like to join them in the training or the event.

Through the winter months along with Bryan’s partners we hold a series of workshops to support your cycling.

Discounts from Bryan Steel partners

As a benefit of being part of the Bryan Steel community you are able to access a number of offers from carefully selected partners.  Our partners offer a mix of discount codes, but we also have a number of people who are experts in their field and can give you specific one to one support.

A lot of the community partners are people who also supported Bryan when he was racing or people he has worked with since with the Academy and other teams.

Access to warm weather training camps in Greece

Bryan Steel works in partnership with Greek Cycling Holidays.  Each March and April, Bryan runs a warm weather training camp from a family villa in the town of Eretria.  This is on an island an hour’s drive from Athens and is the perfect location for getting some warm weather miles in the bank.

The villa is run by Steve who was a professional chief working in some of the best restaurants in London and Europe.  At each event he will cook for you and with only having small group at each training camp you are able to design a menu each evening to suit you. 

Bryan will take you out each day on a route to suit the group. Once you get off the main road you will be amazed at the great road surfaces plus you’ll enjoy many peaceful miles as you won’t see a car for hours. The only hold up you will get is the odd herds of goat! There are some amazing hills and on a selected day we can take you into the high mountains with Steve coming along as the support team following you in the team van. Then, after each ride you can relax back at the Villa in the hot tub and enjoy a beer from the bar.

The Warm Training Camp with Greek Cycling Holidays includes:

  • All rides designed and led by Bryan
  • Airport transfers for you and your bike from Athens
  • Customised cycling itinerary for each group
  • Self-guided rides with Preloaded GPS with route and maps
  • Buffet style breakfast
  • 3 Course quality home cooked evening meal
  • Well stocked “help yourself” bar including Wine, lager on draught and spirits
  • Energy drinks and snacks
  • Emergency van support


Fortnightly we send out a short newsletter which lets you know what is happening at Bryan Steel and gives you the latest updates along with the latest tips and advice to help your cycling.

Each update we will include the latest news of what’s been happening in the prior weeks and update you on forthcoming events and training sessions so you can plan to join us if you are able to.   We will also tell you about out latest partners and special offers they are offering as being part of Bryan Steel Community 

Ask Bryan and his team your questions about training, nutrition and getting going with your first ride

We know when you are starting your cycling journey that some things can seem daunting and some things will be new to you, so Bryan and the team are on hand to answer any questions you have or there is something you don’t understand.

We are here to help you achieving your goal, so we like to think we are with on every turn of the wheel metaphorically so through email and social media we can be there to help answer any question or problem you may have.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
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