Rutland CiCle Sportive in the Sun!

24/04/2018 Paul Newson

Rutland CiCle Sportive in the Sun!

Last weekend Bryan and the team enjoyed some fantastic weather (for April!) as they led a group of riders around the Rutland CiCle Tour Sportive organised by ITP Events. Rider leader Paul Newson reports on the day.

Entrants had the option to sign up for the coach-led ride on the middle distance 80 mile route, and on Saturday we were joined by two riders getting back into their stride – Gary and Steve; two ladies training for an Iron Man (which involves a 112 mile ride at over 14mph average) – Sam and Tina; and Nadjia, recently recovering from surgery and still undergoing treatment, who had travelled up from London the night before especially for the opportunity to ride with Bryan and learn from his experience.

After introductions and coffee at Bryan’s van, conveniently parked at the start line, our guest riders and leaders for the day jumped the queue and set off at a steady pace while we all settled into the rhythm for the day. Key factors where pacing on the hills and making sure everyone ate and drank enough, especially as the temperatures rose to a balmy 25º. Pacing was down to us to make sure we stayed as a comfortable group, but there can be no fear of a good feast at an ITP Events Sportive with their buffet of high-carb delights at every feed station. The fruitcake is a particular speciality, and if you’ve tried it, you’ll know why!

The ride took an undulating tour through the smallest county in England, Rutland, and neighbouring counties, taking in spectacular views of the Eyebrook Reservoir and the impressive Harringworth Viaduct along its way. The route gave Bryan plenty of opportunity to speak to each rider in turn and advise them on how to improve their riding technique, especially with the hills. Nadjia in particular benefitted from the pedal technique advice which gave her that extra boost to get up the steepest sections.

By the end of the ride the hills were starting to have an effect on some of the riders but we all finished safely together to debrief back at the Giant Store Rutland for a well-earned finishers medal, coffee and recovery burger.

Tina, one of the Iran Man trainees, said afterwards: “Thank you guys so much for an epic ride today. I really enjoyed it and have taken away some valuable lessons to put into practice.” We look forward to keeping in touch and finding out how they get on!

Visit the ITP Events website for a full list of their events where you can sign-up for a ride with Bryan. We look forward to seeing you next time!


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