Pedalling for Power at WattZone

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17/12/2018 Caroline Cox

Pedalling for Power at WattZone

Last Friday we had a brilliant session at WattZone in Ilkeston, the new indoor performance centre featuring Watt bikes.

10 riders of mixed ages and abilities enjoyed the session in which Bryan focused on peddling efficiency and power delivery. With all the riders Bryan works with this is the first phase of developing their technique, as the rider needs the be able to deliver as much power as they can before we start building their fitness.

The session lasted an hour, starting with a 15-minute warm-up, where I introduced the session and led into 6 efforts at 85% of the riders’ FTP. Throughout these efforts the riders rode at around 50RPM. For the first two efforts the rider focused on riding from their core and not pulling on the bars. During the 3rd and 4th effort as well as doing this Bryan showed the group how, by leading with their heels, the riders were able to deliver a whole pedal stroke of power instead of the normal push and pull.

During the last two efforts we brought this together with the participants riding without their hands on the bars, but delivering the same amount of power, showing how they were able to achieve a greater speed by having an effective pedal stroke.

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