It’s been a bit hot “darn sarf” this week

08/05/2018 Caroline Cox

It’s been a bit hot “darn sarf” this week

Some of the lads have had a busy week with Tom Booth showing some form and taking 11th at Hillingdon during the week. Tom was in the fast closing chasing bunch and took 3rd in the bunch in the sprint, a sign that he’s making good progress.
On Sunday the whole of the team competed in the Thames Velo Nat B race on the drift circuit, which is relatively flat interspersed with a couple of drags which was reflected in the average speed for the race of 29mph.
We anticipated a break going from the start, but the first one didn’t contain any riders of significance so we bided our time in the break. Until around 32km when David Ogg went with some useful riders but the commitment wasn’t there from everyone and a Morvelo Basso rider pushed on alone whilst the break was absorbed.
As the break came back George Sewell went over the top to try and bridge to the lone leader and form a useful group. A couple of other riders went with him but the peleton sensed the danger and closed it down which was the signal for Sam Smith to chance his arm and form a breakaway with Karl Baillie and some other riders, but last years winner Dan Bigham was having non of it and with his team mate closed the gap.
With 25kms to go the winning break finally made it stick containing Dan Bigham and Rees Howell who has been making his mark this season. Even with encouragement from our riders the main group seemed uninterested in fetching them back, perhaps the 28 degree heat was taking its toll.
As the group approached the drag to the finish Luke Hind, our first year rider, tried to launch himself away from the bunch but got swallowed up in the mass sprint. Unfortunately no points today but the team animated the race and made other teams take the boys from “up North” seriously.
This coming weekend we have a 6 man squad racing in the Top Wold Actif race near Beverly and if their performance on Sunday is anything to go by they have the legs to do well.
Report by Mick Padley


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