How To Make Your New Year Resolution A Routine!

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30/12/2019 Caroline Cox

How To Make Your New Year Resolution A Routine!

No matter how long it’s been since you were in routine…. it may be a week or a month – here are my top tips on how to get back into routine safely and injury-free: 
Make a plan to structure your training and build up over the next 4-weeks to get yourself back into the same level of fitness you were before you stopped training.
Go steady
Don’t try to ride at the same level of speed, pulse and power as before. Use these as a goal to where you would like to be at after 3 to 4 weeks.
Over the first 10-days, your pulse will be higher than before when riding as you are rested, and it will take time to build some tiredness.
Fuel Yourself
It’s easy to go out and not to feed but this will be the worst thing you can do as you will come back starving and then raid the fridge as you walk in the house.
Doing the right level of training and not going too hard too early but also build rest into your program which is just as important than the training.
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