Ex Academy rider Ross Lamb takes his first win of the season

06/04/2018 Caroline Cox

Ex Academy rider Ross Lamb takes his first win of the season

Since his return to Belgium this year with his new UCI team T Palm Ross has taken a measured approach to the season, initially taking some top 20’s and then a couple of top 10’s.

But today was time to go on the attack and he won the GP Claudy Sohet race.

The race started with a field of 157 riders consisting of many UCI pro’s looking for a tough race.
The race is in the Walloon region- no cobbles but a lumpy course with a few short stiff climbs. The race kept pretty much together in the strong headwinds but at the bell a rider jumped away and started to pull a gap.

Recognising the danger Ross bridged across taking with him another Brit Adam Lewis . On the back of the course into the headwind the Belgian rider was still on the attack but the two Brits kept working the old one two until they were sure that one of them was going to win the race.

The finishing straight was on a rising incline and Ross used his power to beat Adam in the sprint.
We are waiting confirmation but we think this may be the first Dave Rayner funded win of the year in Belgium at least.


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