Cycling and Golf?

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17/05/2018 Paul Newson

Cycling and Golf?

Bryan writes about how golf can be like cycling….

After my second Olympic medal and my retirement from racing I was asked by a number of charities to be an ambassador, which meant they kept asking me to attend their fund-raising golf days with people asking to go round with me.

As I hadn’t had the chance to do any other sports throughout my cycling career, I thought this would be a nice new challenge and you can image how I felt when after taking the time to have a couple of coaching sessions, a few goes on the driving range and a couple rounds with people I know, there I stood in the first tee with my JJB golf starter set.

In my group there was someone who was telling me the thousands of pounds he had spent on equipment. The funny thing was, 5 minutes later we met again looking for our golf balls in the same patch of rough ground.

Cycling is the same and it very easy to be put off by the cost and the amount of kit on the market along with the people who are very happy to tell you how much they had spent. It is very easy to be put off, but as in my first round of golf, a little time spent getting ready will make the world of difference.

At Bryan Steel Cycling we try to break this down by helping you get started in the sport in a fun and social way whilst also challenging you in the right way.

To do a sportive you don’t need a thousands of pounds bike, just a bike that fits you, set up for you, and most importantly to have done the right preparation.

If you look at you will see various membership packages to suit your needs and give you the right level of support to achieve whatever cycling challenge you are planning to achieve.

The main thing to remember is that like in golf, it not about throwing money at the sport, but instead investing some time in yourself to do some training and making sure you are prepared for your big day – and like my first round of golf, having that warm glow of beating the man who had spent thousands of pounds! (I did have a great time in the end, but cycling is definitely the sport for me!)

Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on equipment the bike will not go forwards without someone getting on it and pedalling the thing!






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