The Engage Outdoor programme is for people who just starting cycling or getting back into the sport after some time away. The aim of Engage Outdoor is for people to start cycling in the right way, so they have a great experience and by the end of the 6-week training plan they are ready to join the Bryan Steel Cycling Community.

With the right advice and tips you will build both your confidence and fitness, and most importantly start to enjoy your cycling for the long-term, and not just for a short period of time while you get ready for an event.

This initial 6 week programme will get you ready for a short Sportive or similar event. After a day or two of rest you will then want to carry on cycling and with a successful completion of the 6-week training plan you will be invited to join the Bryan Steel Cycling Community.

When you join the free Bryan Steel Engage program you will receive the following:•

• 6-week training plan, developing pedal efficiency and cycling fitness
• Bryan Steel’s ‘Essential guide to starting cycling’
• Invitation to a monthly group ride
• Access to virtual Streamed sessions and access to the library of sessions on the Bryan Steel YouTube channel
• Regular newsletter
• Access to Bryan and his team to ask your questions about training, nutrition and getting going with your first rides


The aim of the Bryan Steel 6-week training programme is to get you cycling in the right way. As well as developing your fitness the programme will focus on your pedal efficiency so that by the end of this starter plan you will be riding in a relaxed, efficient manner and will be confident to go to the next level.

Most people learn to ride a bike at a young age but what we aim to do in this starter plan is build you confidence by showing you how to ride in an efficient way ensuring all your power is delivered to the pedal and you remain relaxed on the bike.

Most of the mid-week sessions are no more than 90min long you can be done in the evenings or on the home trainer.

Once you have completed the 6-weeks you should be able to complete 50 miles comfortably and you will be ready to join us in the Bryan Steel Community.


Alongside your 6-week training plan I have put together some helpful tips and advice to make sure you are as ready as you can be for your event or cycling challenge, whilst having an enjoyable experience.

The essential guide will give you the right level of support to start riding a bike from setting you up in the correct position, what you should take with you and some advice on your first training session.

The guide also gives you some tips for before and after your sessions so you are ready to train and how to best recover for your next session.

With my partners and supporters, we will make sure you have the right fitness level, skill level, equipment and support to make sure you are challenged but at the same time have an amazing time.

The essential guides will support you in the following areas:


  • Bike and equipment
  • Clothing
  • Riding position setup
  • Nutrition
  • Riding advice
  • Training plan

Advice for the ride

  • How to get ready the day before
  • Tips to ensure your bike is ready
  • What to do on the big day of your event


Each month we have a group ride where we meet for a coffee prior to the ride.  We then head out for a ride and upon our return, we can socialise and reflect on the ride.

Every Group Ride has an option of 3 routes based on ability and structured into Gold, Silver or Bronze. Each group has a trained ride leader to ensure there will be support for riders of all levels.  All the riders leave together and after a set point the bronze leader will turn with their riders to head towards home. A little later in the ride the silver leader does the same before the gold riders heads out to complete a longer route.

During the ride there will always be a rider at the front setting the right pace, one at the back making sure we stay together and for the first part a rider floating around helping riders plus we also have an extra lead rider to ensure we are able to help riders of all levels during the ride.

We try to make sure that all groups arrive back at around the same time, so everyone is able to socialise after the ride.  This ensures everyone one has a great ride, set at their level but each rider also has the opportunity to progress to the next level and if they are feeling good or having an off day, they are able to ride in the right group for them on the day.

The most common question we get about these rides is what is the average speed.  The Ride Leader will go at the speed of the group and we have the golden rule that if the riders behind are not talking then we are going too – we will ensure the ride is for all levels and keeps to the plan of being social


Fortnightly we send out a short newsletter which lets you know what is happening at Bryan Steel Cycling and gives you the latest updates along with  tips and advice to help you with your cycling.

In each  update we will include the latest news of what’s been happening in the prior weeks and update you on forthcoming events and training sessions so you can plan to join us if you are able to.   We will also tell you about out latest partners and special offers they are offering as being part of Bryan Steel Community.

Ask Bryan and his team your questions about training, nutrition and getting going with your first ride

We know when you are starting your cycling journey that some things can seem daunting and some things will be new to you, so Bryan and the team are on hand to answer any questions you have or there is something you don’t understand.

We are here to help you achieving your goal, so we like to think we are with on every turn of the wheel metaphorically so through email and social media we can be there to help answer any question or problem you may have.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our services.