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Join Olympic cycling legend Bryan Steel on this unique and practical experience
where you will ride with and learn from Bryan’s extensive experience.

Bryan will share his knowledge and skills of riding at the world’s highest level for 17 years so that you become a more effective, efficient, safe and confident rider.

Each masterclass is tailored to the needs of the group including ability, length, route and speed.

By the end you would have developed in the following areas:

You’re optimum riding position
  • Ride with Bryan so he is able to look at your riding position.
  • Let Bryan make changes to your riding position making sure you are riding effectually while being comfortable.
  • Have you’re riding style and position videoed to maximise your performance.
You’re perfect riding technique
  • Understand that by riding in a relaxed way, you are able to save energy and to put more energy onto the pedals.
  • Learn by riding from the pelvis down that you are able to apply more power to the pedals.
  • Learn by leading with your heals that you are able apply power through 360º of the pedal stroke.
Effective climbing and descending
  • Understand by using the right gearing that you will be able climb more effectively.
  • Learn how by pacing yourself on hills you are able to recover quicker and get back to your race speed.
  • Learn how to descend faster and safer by using your weight and balance.
Riding within a group effectively
  • Learn how to find the clear air behind a rider so you are able to slipstream them.
  • Learn how to sit on a rider’s wheel so you are able to have maximise recovery.
  • Work with other riders so you are able to bridge to other groups.
1 - 1 coaching on the road


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