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Whatever the rider’s goal, my 8 phase coaching structure creates joint accountability between the rider and myself by outlining a clear framework and timeline to ensure they are ready to ride to at their optimum.

A common misconception in sport is that simply putting in the hours will be enough to perform optimally. My 8 phase coaching structure addresses this through developing the rider’s cycling technique and tactical awareness so that the hours they spend are efficient and faster. By emphasising the development of the rider into a complete cyclist it is easier to track their progress and achieve their goals.

From my years of competing and coaching, one thing has become abundantly clear – everybody is different. My training structure has been developed to cater to this key distinction, the phases are designed to build on each other; however, each phase will be individualised to the rider’s specific requirements. For two different riders the length of each phase will differ depending on what needs to develop and the timescale available.

The 8 phase plan is as follows:

  • Phase 1: Pedal technique
  • Phase 2: Balanced power
  • Phase 3: Power
  • Phase 4: Strength
  • Phase 5: Torque
  • Phase 6: Endurance
  • Phase 7: Speed
  • Phase 8: Taper

Drawing upon my experience each phase typically lasts approximately 3 weeks but if the rider or I decide that more or less time is required adjustments will be made. After this period, we will have a coaching review to assess their progress. This review allows me to make any tweaks to the riders training to ensure that we address any continued areas of weakness, as well as, allotting enough time to develop their strengths further.

Bryan will share his pioneering approach with you, through his Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, which are designed specifically to help you be the best cyclist you can be.