The Bryan Steel community program is for people who have gone through both the indoor and outdoor engage programs where people are ready to develop their cycling to the next level.

The aim of the community and to develop a group of people of all ages and levels together so people have a prefect network where they can enjoy the social benefits of the sport in exciting, safe but fun envoirment.

The community program brings together the social element of the sport and brings together people who are looking to start and develop the bunch riding skill to move into doing sportive.

This program is for all ages and abilities to help rides move from the engage level on completing a 50miles event to long, faster and through the community partner doing some of the bigger sportives in the UK.

With our challenges, training sessions and events we are have a competitive element within the community but the main focus to have a larger group of like-minded people cycling in a fun and social way.

Corporate Rides - Bryan Steel Cycling


Join our Cycling Community today for only £6 per month and you will receive the following benefits that will aid you to progress and ultimately become a more advanced cyclist.


Monthly challenges: 

  • Each month the community members can take part in out our monthly challenges which can be longest ride of the month, most miles ridden or most hills climbs but also along with our partners we can bring together yoga, strength and conditioning along with weight work through the winter months to make you a better cyclist when the weather get better.
  • The aim of the challenges is to develop your cycling but in a fun and competitive way for male and female riders.

Weekly group indoor session (supported by Sufferfest):

  • One of the problems with the Bryan Steel community is that there are people spread across the UK and in a few case we have members across the world so with our Partners Suffer Fest we can offer our online training ride.
  • This will be a regular evening each week where people can log into the Bryan Steel group and we can ride along while being in our front room or garage.
  • With the support of Sufferfest Bryan has designed a structured program so each 1 hour to 90min session with have purpose and you will be able to log-in after the session to do this session again when you would want to.

2 group rides per month (includes the Engage ride):

  • Including our Engage group ride, community member have the option of doing 2 group riders per month.
  • Each month we have a group ride and where we meet for a coffee before we head out for a ride and on our return, we can socialise after a relaxed enjoyable ride.
  • On each group ride we have a structure of bronze, silver and gold groups with 3 routes designed to suit everyone’s abilities and each group has a trained rider leader so there will be support for rider of all levels.
  • All the riders leave together and after a set point the bronze leader turn with their riders to head towards home and a little later in the ride the silver leader does the same before the gold riders head off to complete the longer route.
  • During the ride there will be always a rider at the front setting the right pace, one at the back making sure we stay together and for the first part a rider floating around helping riders but we also have an extra lead rider so we are able to help riders of all levels during the ride.
  • We try to make sure that all groups arrive back at around the same time, so everyone is able to social after the ride. This means everyone one has a great ride to their level but has the opportunity to progress to the next level and if they are feeling good or having an off day, they are able to ride in the right group for them on the day.
  • The most common question we get about these rides is what the average speed and we are also say the leader of each group will go the speed of the group and we have the golden rule of if the riders behind are not talking then we are going to fast as this ride is for all levels and social.

10-week training plan developing pedal efficiency and cycling fitness:

  • This 10-week plan add onto your 6-week plan as part of the engage program where we aim to take your cycling to the level and by the end you should be able to complete a 100mile ride.
  • This plan carries on developing the area you did in the 6-week plan but starts to develop your torque and speed and along with the community group rides we develop your bunch riding skills.

Weekly training feedback:

  • As you develop as cyclist there are some finer points you need to develop and as a member of the Bryan Steel community to be good cyclist it’s not just about being strong or fast. To develop this, it better they have some one to one feedback on your session or how you are progressing.
  • As a community member the 10-week training plan has areas where you can feedback and if you send this back to Bryan weekly he will give you some feedback on your progress and along with seeing you on the group rides offer advice to support your develop.

Invitation to group rides and events:

  • As well as the Bryan Steel group rides throughout the year we have some events which our partners deliver or other events which Bryan is involved with and as a community member we are able add them to our events program. Some of these events maybe a local club running and sportive or a bucket list event which we are able to get entries for you to ride. Also other member maybe training for a ride and you may like to join them in the training or the event.

Access to warm weather training camps in Greece:

  • Bryan Steel works in partnership with Greek Cycling Holidays where in March and April Bryan runs a warm weather training camp. GCH are based in a family villa in the town of Eretria which is on the island only an hour’s drive from Athens which is the perfect location for getting some warm weather miles in the bank.
  • The villa is ran by Steve who was a professional chef working on some of the best kitchens in London and Europe and at each event he will cook for you and with only having small group here you are able to design a menu each evening to suit you.
  • Bryan will take you out each day on a route to suit you and once you get off the main road you are amazing surfaced roads where you won’t see a car for hours. The only hold up you will get is with herds of goats! There are some amazing hills and on selected day we can take you into the high mountains with Steve’s support team following you in the van.
  • After each ride you can relaxed in the hot tub having a beer from the bar.
  • The package includes
    • All rides designed and led by Bryan
    • Airport transfers for you and your bike
    • Customised cycling itinerary
    • Self-guided rides with preloaded GPS with route and maps
    • Buffet style breakfast
    • 3 course quality home cooked evening meal
    • Well stocked “help-your-self” bar including wine, lager on draught and spirits
    • Energy drinks and snacks
    • Emergency van support

Bryan Steel’s ‘Essential guide to starting cycling’: 

  • Alongside your 6-week training plan I have put together some tips and advice to make sure you are as ready as you can be for your event or cycling challenge, but more importantly, you have a challenging but enjoyable experience.
  • The essential guide will just you the right level of support to start riding a bike with setting up you position, what you should take with you and some advice on your first training session.
  • The guide also gives you some tips for before and after your session so you are ready to training and how to best recover for your next session.
  • With my partners and supporters, we will make sure you have the right fitness level, skill level, equipment and support to make sure you are challenged but at the same time have an amazing time. The essential guides will support you in the following areas:
  • Preparation
    • Bike and equipment
    • Clothing
    • Riding position setup
    • Nutrition
    • Riding advice
    • Training plan (supplied separately according to your needs)
    • Advice for the ride
      • How to get ready the day before
      • How to get your bike ready
      • What to do on the day.

Regular newsletter and blog: 

  • Each fortnight we send out you a short newsletter and let you know what is happening at Bryan Steel but mainly to give you the latest develops to help you on your cycling journey.
  • Each fortnight we will tell you about the latest news of what happened in the week before events and training session along with what is coming up the following week so you may be able to join them, we will tell you about other people’s journey along with the latest tips and advice to help your cycling.
  • We will also tell you about out latest partners and special offer they are offering as being part of Bryan Steel membership.

Ask Bryan and his team your questions about training, nutrition and getting going with your first ride: 

  • We know you are starting your cycling journey and most things will be new to you, so Bryan and the team are on hand to answer any questions you have or there is something you don’t understand.
  • We are going on this journey maybe for the first time and we are here to help you achieving your goal, so we like to think we are with on every turn of the wheel but we know we can’t join you on every ride but through email and social media we can be there to help answer any question or problem you may have.

Access to the Bryan Steel Facebook page for training tips, advice, forum and Q&A: 

  • It’s easy to think you are doing this alone but at Bryan Steel we have others who are going the same or riders who have gone through the same things. So our private Facebook page has been set up so people can share experiences and share how they were able to overcome any problems.
  • This is a good forum to ask questions or tell us about your latest news, but Bryan and the team are also on hand here to give you advice, share tip and answer any questions.

Discounts from Bryan Steel Partners: 

  • We like to give you more one-to-one support as a community member so our community partners are here to help develop as a better bike rider so you can get the most out of you cycling.
  • Out partners are a mix on discount codes but also people who are expects in their field who can give you one-to-one support.
  • A lot of the community partners are people who support Bryan when he was race or people he has worked with since.
  • We have following partners for you to access.
    • Personalized bike support by Long Eaton cycles
    • Nurition advice by Katie Baggott
    • Fitness testing and bike fit by Boardman performance centre
    • Physio support Central sport massage
    • Club clothing by Godfrey Bikewear
    • 10% discount for Stages power meters
    • 10% discount from Dolan bikes
    • Vittoria tyres at cost price
    • 50% discount with MyZone heartrate monitor
    • 10% discount with Torq Nurition
    • 15% discount with Ice ID emergency information bracelet
    • 20% discount with Megmeister undervests
    • 20% discount with British bike hire
    • 5% discount with BikeZaar for online bike and equipment
    • 10% discount with Yellow Jersey insurance
    • 10% discount with Wattzone indoor cycle studio

Visit our Partners page for a full list of partners websites and contact details.



Our led ride training scheme allows you to transfer key knowledge and technique into the real world of cycling. By becoming an officially recognised Bryan Steel cycling Ride Leader, you will develop your knowledge in order to deliver a safe and comprehensive group ride for novice cyclists.


Each Ride Leader will be trained by Bryan Steel on a 5-stage training program to deliver a fun but safe open road ride.
Support in marketing, promotion and organising the ride.
Route design suitable for the riders attending and risk assessment of the ride.
The Lead Rider will be able to support the riders to develop their cycling skills with appropriate advice.


These rides are mainly in partnership with another event as a VIP experience for added enjoyment of the event. These rides are led by Bryan, with the end of the day concluded with refreshments and a Q&A session.

Accompanied Rides - Bryan Steel Cycling


Rider questionnaire to find out their specific needs and ambitions.
Briefing package before the event to make sure they are ready for the day.
Meet point at team vehicle or suitable location at the start area.
Greeted by Bryan and lead riders for introduction to the other riders taking part.
The group leave as a group with Bryan leading and lead riders within the group. Once going, Bryan will float around all riders talking through their cycling and any areas for improvement.
During event the lead riders are there to support the riders to complete the ride in a challenging but rewarding way.
Team vehicle at the feed station to provide a VIP feed station for the group.
When the riders return to the finish area, tea and coffees with Q&A with Bryan.
Follow-up email with riders taking part to make sure they enjoyed and offer to other events etc.


These are rides for companies and can be a single day event or a multi-day event for team building, raising awareness or fundraising for charity.

Corporate Rides - Bryan Steel Cycling


Consultation with Bryan and team to establish outcomes of the ride the company would like to achieve.
Questionnaire to riders when they enter to understand their starting level and how best to support them for the event.
Bryan to design the route suitable for the group (multi routes if required) including driving the route and risk assessment.
Essential info pack sent to riders including tips, insights and advice.
Training plan tailor-made for the group’s requirements.
Cycling Masterclass delivered by Bryan for multi-days rides.
Bryan to lead the ride with the group.
Delivery of the ride with a team of ride captains plus support vehicle to ensure that the ride is delivered in as safe a manner as possible but ensuring fun is had by all.
Access to all Bryan Steel partners for discounts on clothing and equipment.


A one-day event held for companies or groups so they can network with clients and their workforce in a different, fun and active way. The day ends with a post-ride dinner and a talk from Bryan

Cycling Network Events - Bryan Steel Cycling


Consultation with Bryan and team to discuss required outcomes.
Questionnaire to riders when they enter to find out their starting level and how to support them best for the event.
Bryan to design the route suitable for the group.
Information sent to the rider before the event.
Access to all Bryan Steel partners for discounts on clothing and equipment.
Bryan to attend the ride.
Full ride team to support the rider on the road.
Full support crew including following car and support crew in the start area, any feed stations and the finish area.
Meet and greet when riders arrive with refreshments.
Riders’ briefing including introduction of lead riders, the support crew, the route and how the ride will be run.
Opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves before we leave.
Post-ride dinner including motivational talk from Bryan.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our services.