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From scrawny, negative schoolboy to World Class athlete...

As a boy, I was much like many boys, uninterested in school, and not very athletic. Then I discovered that I had a talent, cycling. Cycling gave me an outlet which soon turned into passion. Through hard work, perseverance and a strong will to succeed I made the British cycling team.

At that time British Cycling was going through a major, revolutionary change management programme that catapulted the team on to the world stage and me with it, going on to win, win and win on the world and Olympic stage.

From scrawny, negative schoolboy to World Class athlete, I can now share the secrets of my success through my own development programme ‘Winning Mindset’. The formula for success is as applicable to the boardroom and business environment as it is to the cycling track.

Overtime I has developed and delivered a range of bespoke programmes truly inspire and motivate people into more positive attitudes, which in turn helps them to realise and maximise their own true potential.

These  bespoke programmes often include;  motivational talks, one-to-one mentoring to team workshops, which are regularly delivered to corporations, SME’s and sports organisations both in the country and abroad.


What to know more about how my development programme can help you succeed?